Super Mario Maker (Currently Playing)

Enough with the role-playing games for now! Super Mario Maker launched last week and it is taking over the world at this moment. I’m a big Nintendo-fanboy and I’m also a writer for (Dutch) so I can’t really get around it. My Twitter-feed is currently full of people sharing their Super Mario Maker-levels and Twitch is full of people streaming their fails on impossible levels created by the fans. I’m also really enjoying the game myself.

In Super Mario Maker you can create your own Super Mario Bros.-levels and many have been created by the fans since the game released. Some are very easy, while some make you want to go cry in a corner. I myself have been working on a couple of levels for a challenge we are creating for our readers at N1ntendo. I however feel the whole creating part is not meant for me. I enjoy playing a lot more and the amount of awesome levels available is crazy. Each day more and more levels are being created. Players are starting to get familiar with the different options so the levels keep getting better and better. The 100 Mario Challenge is great fun and always you to find interesting new levels and creators to follow.

The best part of all of this is beating a gruesomely hard level created by a friend of yours. A friend of mine created a really hard level which took me 1,5 hour and 91 try’s to finally beat. The euphoria this brought me felt great and this is a feeling not many games can give you these days. Some Super Mario Maker-levels are crazy hard but doable in the end. Having to put in effort perfecting your routine doing a hard Super Mario Maker-level is a part of this great experience. Beating it in the end is a big price and you will feel like you really accomplished something. Especially if you beat a level that has been tried by loads of players but only beaten by a few.

Super Mario Maker

Have you been playing Super Mario Maker this last week or not? Let me know if you have any awesome levels to play! Check my Twitter-feed for some codes on levels I have made. First levels will be on there tomorrow. In the meanwhile check out the crazy hard Super Meat Boy-level created by GameXplain below.