More anime articles incoming

I will be writing more on anime on my Blog starting today!

As you might have noticed I have not been updating my Blog recently. I had some time management issues last month so I didn’t have enough time to write any articles. I’m back now and I decided to start writing more on anime. I spend a great deal of my time watching all kinds of anime and I really enjoyed writing my Thoughts on Summer 2015 Anime article. I gave my Blog a small update by adding an anime drop-down to the menu and I will also add an animelist later on so you can check really quickly which anime I wrote about. The about will be updated soon as well.

Recently many of the Summer 2015 anime finished so you can expect some reviews on those. The conclusion of many anime also means the start of new anime and this week the Fall season started off with some interesting anime like One-Punch Man, Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry and Noragami Aragoto. I’ll write something on those soon as well. Expect to hear more of me again this month.