Fallout Shelter (Currently Playing)

I’m a big Fallout-fan and I have the Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition in pre-order at this moment. Before we can enjoy Fallout 4 there are a few months left. During the E3 press conference however Bethesda presented another Fallout-game which is Fallout Shelter. Unfortunately Fallout Shelter launched only for iOS and didn’t come out on android until last week. These last couple of days I have played Fallout Shelter and I really enjoy it so far. Read my thoughts on it.

Fallout Shelter has everything in it to be called a Fallout-game. It’s based on the vaults and the best part is the Fallout-humor that is definitely there. Besides this it’s a rather generic mobile game in which you have to build your own base. In general I do not play games on my mobile phone but the Fallout-influence in Fallout Shelter keeps pulling me back in. You have to build your own vault from scratch which start out by generating electricity, purifying water and getting dinner served. Not having enough of these mandatory resources will cause your vault to slowly die out. Unfortunately I couldn’t stop this from happening to the first vault I opened.

Molerats, radroaches and deathclaws

Fallout Shelter is different from other mobile games in this concept as you don’t have to wait long for anything and you can get everything without paying real money. You can build rooms instantly and these rooms have a Rush-function which has a chance of failure but gives the same profit as waiting for five to ten minutes. Failure will result in fire, a molerat attack or a radroach infestation which are iconic for the Fallout-series. Nothing that your healthy dwellers can’t deal with unless you failed to keep the main resources balanced. Micro-transactions are available if you want to buy extra lunch boxes which give you some resources, weapons, armor or special dwellers. You can also earn these lunch boxes by just playing the game which works just fine.

Besides from allocating your dwellers to rooms to work in and gathering caps to purchase new rooms you can also send some dwellers out to the Wasteland. The further and the longer they venture into it the more they will bring back in the form of weapons and armor. This weapon and armor can then be used to equip your dwellers to defend your vault from molerats, radroaches, raiders and deathclaws. It’s not a bad idea to equip the dwellers you send out with a nice Victory Rifle and some hefty power armor. During their travels they will keep a log on what they do and besides fighting with all kinds of creatures like bloatfly’s and ghouls this is also where you can find the classic Fallout-humor. Be sure to check the logs if you want some good laughs.


Build your own vault in Fallout Shelter

In the above picture you can find my current vault. Due to not knowing the mechanics my first vault, ‘vault 317’, met with a quick downfall. My new vault, ‘vault 111’, is doing pretty well now. I decided to keep everything a bit more organised which is very important because your vault can grow pretty big. I also found out that it is very important to close down the application before locking your phone. Just locking your phone will make the game play on in the background meaning your resources will keep going down indefinite. I’m pretty happy where I stand now, I have forty dwellers and my resources are well-balanced. I can also send a couple of dwellers into the Wasteland for over twelve hours which makes for good fun reading about their adventures.

I hope you enjoyed this “Currently Playing” write-up on Fallout Shelter which will likely be my first and last on a mobile game. What do you think about Fallout Shelter? Have you played it yet?