Fallout 4 (Prevision)

Fallout 4 was only announced a couple of months ago at E3 2015 and in less than a month we can already enjoy it. The Fallout-series has been one of my favorites since the release of Fallout 3 which I played for hours and hours. The awesomeness of an open world in a post-apocalyptic world is something Fallout 3 showed me. 

When Bethesda announced they were giving a press conference at E3 everybody assumed they would announce Fallout 4. When they did it a week or so before the E3 everybody was instantly joyed including me. Little did we know at that time that we would be able to play the game at home before the end of 2015. I went to E3 with my colleagues from N1ntendo.nl and we were able to go to the press conference. They showed of quiet a bit of gameplay and finished the Fallout 4 part with announcing the release date. The whole crowd was shocked and then thrilled by the fact it would arrive so soon. The release date is now just a month away and it seemed like a great time to write a piece on it.

The Fallout 4 hype

I want to start this Prevision with my thoughts on the hype around Fallout 4. As you might guess I’m really hyped about Fallout 4 but for some reason I have a feeling that the hype is not real for many others. Yesterday I went to a games-event called First Look Festival in Utrecht (Netherlands) and Bethesda hosted a Fallout Quiz on stage. Me and a buddy went there and I guess only about 100 people were gathered around. I really assumed more people would be there because you could win some Fallout related stuff. Nobody knew what you could really win until they told us and is was a special branded Fallout 4 Xbox One which off only four available in the Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg). Unfortunately I didn’t get picked to get on stage but that’s certainly the most awesome price ever. Four people managed to get on stage and one of them won a Fallout 4 goodiepack and he had a shot at the branded Xbox One later on as they held two rounds for the Quiz. The winner however showed almost no emotion as if he didn’t really care. Man I would have gone crazy had I won that. It was almost painful to watch really and it made me sad. Luckily in the second round a guy cosplaying as the lone wanderer got on stage. I didn’t get to stay until the end but damn I really hope that guy won.

Four hundred hours of pure Fallout pleasure

So now let’s talk about the game itself. Bethesda told us that Fallout 4 will boost at least 400 hours of gametime before you have seen it all. That’s mental! Imagine the amount of places to visit, buildings to enter, guns to craft, enemy’s the kill, distance to travel and side-quests to complete to add up to 400 freaking hours. It’s a shame I can’t pull all-nighters anymore these days but damn, that’s just plain awesome. It means there are crazy amounts of stuff to do and I really can’t wait for this to start. I have always been about exploring the wasteland more than finishing the main questline. I’m one of those RPG-gamers that just has to check every nook and cranny and the amount of details in Fallout 4 seem absolutely crazy. During the press conference at E3 they commented on this that these details is what makes the game stand out.

Bethesda also stated that Fallout 4 will have no level cap. This is great as this means you continue to get new perks when exploring the wasteland for 400 hours. They also completely removed skills but I’m not so sure yet if I like it. It seems S.P.E.C.I.A.L. is all all you need to know this time around and the perklist seems pretty great. I got a first glimpse at the perklist at GamesCom 2015 and it looked really full. The iconic Fallout humor is presented well in the perklist. So far I have seen some of the iconic perks like Bloody Mess but there are many more perks which haven’t been named yet and I’m looking forward to finding and picking the best for my usually stealthy playstyle.

Another big thing is the weapon modding in my opinion. You could create some weapons in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas but now you can create a crazy amounts of different weapons and putting parts from different guns together. I can’t wait to make a sniper rifle out of everything! I can imagine myself spending a lot of time creating the perfect weapons to run around with. At the same time this might also mean that no unique guns are in the game. I certainly hope this is not the case as finding the Lincoln’s Repeater in Fallout 3 is still one of my favorite moments but we will have to wait to know this answer.

Fallout 4

This time around in Fallout 4 we can explore Boston in all it’s splendor. You are the sole survivor of Vault 111. I really wonder what the backstory to this vault is but it seems to evolve around Cryosleep of some sort but we will have to wait and see. Bethesda also said that we will give us more information on when and why the bombs started dropping. As a lover of lore this seems like a dream come true. So Boston it is, for me any city would do but what I have seem so far is really like-able. It seems many landmarks are presented so people that have been to Boston should feel at home. I have only been in the western part of America so I can’t say I know how Boston looks but from what I have read on the internet there are a lot of interesting places to visit which should also be a part of the game. I did visit Las Vegas and the surroundings in June and I was surprised to find out I actually knew some places from Fallout: New Vegas. Let’s hope Fallout 4 can give the same experience so when I, if I ever, visit Boston I will feel at home right away. Running around a barren Boston for 400 hours should give me a feeling for the city no?

Fallout 4 is releasing on November 10th this year. I should receive my PlayStation 4 Pip-Boy Edition on that day and I can hardly wait to start exploring the wastelands of Boston. I assume we won’t be seeing a lot more gameplay until a couple of days before the release but do enjoy all the awesome YouTube-videos Bethesda posts on the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats below. What are your thoughts on Fallout 4? Are you going to play it and are you as hyped as me?