Me at the Horseshoe Bend after E3

Me at the Horseshoe Bend after E3

I would like to start this “about PetsyCast” by thanking you for visiting my blog. My name is Patrick Koonings, I’m 26 years old and currently work as an account manager selling Dutch accounting software. I’m also an editor at N1ntendo is a Dutch website focused on news regarding anything Nintendo related.  I write anything from news articles to reviews to columns there. I love playing role-playing video-games, I’m a big Nintendo fanboy,  I’m an amiibo Hunter with all current available amiibo in my collection, I have a nice Nintendo retro collection and I’m almost an Otaku with the amounts of anime I watch.

Feel free to add me on any of the below services should you want to play a game sometimes:

Nintendo Network ID: N1-Patrick
3DS-friendcode: 0344-9971-7384
PlayStation Network: PetsyCast PetsyCast#2552

I have wanted to write more about things outside of the Nintendo-scope for a while. Especially after last E3 my motivation to write about Nintendo went down as their presentation was kind of a letdown. I even visited the E3 and everything besides Nintendo was just better. Many, many great RPG’s are upcoming and not only on Nintendo-platforms. I decided to start the blog because I want to write about whatever I feel like.

You can find all kinds of articles on my blog ranging for news to reviews on games. The focus of this blog is mainly on role-playing games but I will write about all kinds of game-related stuff and maybe throw in some articles about anime now and then. Articles will have a similar buildup and series you can find here are:

Reviews – Short reviews on games I recently played. I will always let you know how many hours I played a game when writing the review. Role-playing games are in general really long so I usually only fully complete the ones that are worth their while.

Previsions – These are articles on upcoming games I highly anticipate.

Previews – Should I be among the first to try I new game then you will find a short written article on my experience.

Currently Playing – When I start playing a new game I’ll write a short “Currently Playing” article on my first thoughts.

Retrospective –  There are many, many great RPG’s out there but some are really old. They fit into this category.

Toplists – Toplists on all kinds of subjects. Who doesn’t like toplists? I’m interested in how my views compare to yours so be sure to leave a reply.

Besides this I will write about interesting news regarding role-playing games and whatever I like. It’s my blog you know! I do hope you like it tho. Should you have any questions feel free to contact me on twitter @PetsyCast.